Ballads 5 & 7

An anagram of “all bad”, BALLAD is a series of short pieces that reflect on our fractured existence, trapped by contemporary circumstances. Continuing the socio-political aspect of BALLAD 4 with the religious critique of PSALMS 63 & 69; Ballads 5 & 7 form a distinct group, united by their setting of abandoned monuments and spaces in Delhi, and linking guerrilla performances in those spaces (See also GEBROCHENGEL, NO ROAD) to contemporary religious intolerance and historical forgetting.


BALLAD 5 (Caro, Dolce, Amico Amplesso) – a dry, forgotten step well in Delhi becomes the intersection of Hindu and Western myths, and a site that connects the contemporary drought and LGBT discrimination in India to colonial Britain.

BALLAD 7 (Giusto Ciel) – a promenade through abandoned ancient mosques in Delhi recalls past dynasties when Muslims were the dominant civilizing force in science and culture. Connecting contemporary Islamophobia to the same fundamentalist tendencies that led to their decline.

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dissonance productions

Started by trans-discplinary art-ivist Stephen Chen to consolidate his recent work; as well as facilitate collaboration with others. Stephen’s oeuvre is often allegorical as well as simultaneously deconstruct and hybridize the very forms he works in. Disdaining academic and esoteric expressions, as well as institutional conventions and practices, Stephen explores complex ideas and issues immanent in his works through experiments in form and technique.

dissonance productions