A meta-project counterposed to the general dross of art academia, “community”, criticism and the reified and commoditized big “avant-garde” art events of 2013 in Toronto (the indulgent twee tableaux of Marina Abramovic, and the hyped political posturing of Ai Weiwei); F*ART is an experiment and exploration of the possibilities of producing anti-art – art against establishment, and the institution of art itself. F*ART also functions as a retrospective of Stephen’s 2013 output where he completed and exhibited an average of 2 new works each month that span different forms, styles and concerns.

F*ART is a fist up, a finger, freedom from convention and strictures of funding, festivals, saleability, and space. In addition to their respective social commentary, the works in F*ART also critique the degraded and proforma nature of art, both in itself and in people’s lives. Bravura is a common thread that links the 2013 works; going beyond pretensions and pretty things to create socially engaged work. This meta-project investigates the problematic of centering; the loss of agency when moving from the fringe to the mainstream, the fetishizing of the other, the provinciality of community, and the complex inter-relationship with the mainly bourgeois audience.

A meta commentary on the institutionalization of art production and access, F*ART demonstrates (to dispirited artists and detractors) that one doesn’t need degrees, or grants, or community networks to create good/challenging work – one just needs to go and do it. It is also a metaphor for the status of activism – lots of people whining/waiting around, when they just have to go and do something.

Retrospective of Stephen’s 2013 Works

Date Title Form
01/2013 INTER-MEZZO Film, Triptych
02/2013 PACED Film, Video
02/2013 STILLE.D Film, Video
02/2013 THE SCHOOLING OF DESIRE Film, Performance
02/2013 TRANS-PIRE Recording
03/2013 CLEAN Video, Performance
03/2013 PASSAGIO Video, Performance
03/2013 LOON SONGS Film, Performance, Music
03/2013 INTERIOR SONGS Installation, Performance, Video
04/2013 BOUNDED NATURE Installation, Photography
05/2013 T(Ä/A)USCHEN Photography
05/2013 MIKROÖKONOMIE Performance
05/2013 GEBROCHENGEL Film, Performance
05/2013 NO ROAD Film, Performance
05/2013 OVER TIME | TIME OVER Film
06/2013 I CAN’T SAY AIN’T Installation, Video
06/2013 FOSCA FUGUE Performance
07/2013 HI-DEF NOISE Video
08/2013 DEALT Installation, Performance
09/2013 OF(F) AN ACID LAKE Video
09/2013 TAKING STOCK Film
10/2013 SOMNOLENT Video
11/2013 SPO(N/O)GE Video
11/2013 SEX TOY Photography
11/2013 FERO-CITY Installation, Photography
12/2013 MY WOUNDED HEAD Film
12/2013 I-CON Performance, Recording
12/2013 VERTIGO I, II, III Installation, Video