Pliant Desire

PLIANT DESIRE (an anagram of PRESIDENTIAL) is a creative coding piece in which 69 random Trump tweets from the onset of his presidency are sampled, broken apart, and reconstituted into a rambling epic poem with stanzas of 69 lines that encapsulates a despot’s narcissistic authoritarian aggrandizement of self and self-serving interests at the expense of people and environment; masquerading as a country’s economic and security concerns.

The work traces its roots to THE HARPY AND THE HARE , a (political) bedtime story for children and grown-ups, when Canada had its own fascist-leaning government and prime minister. As inextricable (meta)phor, PLIANT DESIRE was coded in a single day (Black Friday – dysfunctional nadir of economy) and utilizes colors based on 911 and 666 hex codes.

CREATED BY: STEPHEN CHEN | COMPLETED: 29/11/2019 (Black Friday)

dissonance productions
Started by trans-discplinary art-ivist Stephen Chen to consolidate his recent work; as well as facilitate collaboration with others. Stephen’s oeuvre is often allegorical as well as simultaneously deconstruct and hybridize the very forms he works in. Disdaining academic and esoteric expressions, as well as institutional conventions and practices, Stephen explores complex ideas and issues immanent in his works through experiments in form and technique.

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