TAKING STOCK is an experimental short (despite playing as a conventional film) about taking stock of our influence on the environment through the exclusive use of stock footage (and music). In doing so, it simultaneously critiques the disconnection between people/progress and impacts on ecosystems/environments (a corollory to PACED); as well as aesthetic cliches of environmental-type films (see CLEAN) which have become as generic as stock footage to ask if we can transcend the current states of inaction and heroic fetish.

On another level, TAKING STOCK is a reaction to commercial private interests pervading politics and controlling public policy in the proliferation of anti-whistleblower laws (such as “ag-gag”) that make it a crime to document egregious abuses of life and nature. By co-opting and re-contexutalizing footage shot for commercial purposes, the film seeks to demonstrate that peoples’ voices and right to know will find a way amidst the repression.



dissonance productions
Started by trans-discplinary art-ivist Stephen Chen to consolidate his recent work; as well as facilitate collaboration with others. Stephen’s oeuvre is often allegorical as well as simultaneously deconstruct and hybridize the very forms he works in. Disdaining academic and esoteric expressions, as well as institutional conventions and practices, Stephen explores complex ideas and issues immanent in his works through experiments in form and technique.

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