Video Art + Odds & Ends

Death of a Despot | COMPLETED: 07/15 | RUNNING TIME: 1’36”

Created in defiance to regimes, and in solidarity to those who have to keep their silence. Video art exulting the death of Lee Kuan Yew in reaction to the Singapore government’s imprisonment of Amos Yee, and his vilification by the brainwashed populace. Amos was accused of offending Christian sensibilities when he spoke out in a vlog against the cult of Lee Kuan Yew and compared him to Hitler.

Songs of Exile – Bill C51 | COMPLETED: 06/15 | RUNNING TIME: 10’07”

Presented at PROCESS10 @ Artscape Youngplace June 28, 2015. Performance art by Stephen Chen on the Fascist turn in Canada; using the text of Bill C51 printed on a roll of receipt paper, and projections juxtaposing the systematic extirpation of rights in Canada and titles #ImaTerrorist with texts from the Bible. (Music: Five Songs of Exile (2003) composed by Stephen Chen, adapted texts from Palestinian poets in exile)

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